15 February 2018

From the Archives: The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide (58-pages & 5 hours of audio, NOW FREE!)

[UPDATE, September 22, 2022:  This entire collection is now available as a free download from Internet Archive here:  https://archive.org/details/inspired-project-teams-coaching-guide-mar-05-2010 ]
This jam-packed freebie (originally $19.95) includes both the Inspired Project Teams Podcast Collection and The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide for FREE! The collection includes Challenges that can help you inspire and motivate your project team. In addition, they may help you deal with the contentious, unpleasant, or inappropriate stuff that sometimes plagues project teams. 
The Inspired Project Teams Podcast Collection includes:
  • 30 podcasts (MP3 format audios)
  • Over 5 hours of audio
The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide includes:
  • 58 pages in PDF/eBook form
  • Hundreds of inspirational ideas, quotes, and specific Challenges
  • Hundreds of live links** (Just click & go!) to resources for further investigation and study
** NOTE re: Links — This guide was originally published in 2010. While my podcasts and tools should stand the test of time and prove valuable for use with your project teams, some of the links to external references may take you to web pages that no longer exist. Sorry about that! (But the price is right, eh? FREE!!)

TECHNICAL NOTES: The Podcast Collection and Coaching Guide is provided as a single large “zip” file containing 31 files (about 271 MB)! The 30 Podcasts are in MP3 format and the Guide is in PDF (Adobe Reader) format.
  • When you “unpack” or “unzip” this zip file, you will be able to use all 30 podcasts and the PDF (eBook) version of the Coaching Guide. So you can simply copy these files to the appropriate folder on your device. (Almost all today’s computers or mobile devices will automatically “unzip” a zip file when you click on it. However, if you need additional software to open zip files, check with your app store for your mobile device or check out this WikiHow article How to Unzip a File for info about unzipping files on a Mac or PC.)
  • The Coaching Guide is in the PDF file format. You will need Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF reader to view the Guide. My favorite PDF reader is XODO PDF. It’s free and allows me to “mark up” and annotate PDFs, then save them along with the changes. You can find XODO PDF in the Apple iTunes store or Google Play Store. Check out the XODO website for info on using it on your Mac or PC.
  • The Podcasts are in MP3 file format. To listen to them, you’ll need:
    • any MP3 player, including the one that’s already built-in on your phone! (Simply copy the files to your device.) … or
    • software on your computer that will play MP3 files. (Simply double-click on your chosen MP3 file and any reasonably-new computer — Mac or PC — will find an app to play it.)
If you’re like most people, you won’t need any of these additional tools to use the Coaching Guide and Podcasts — You will have everything you need. Enjoy!