07 February 2018

The Science of Happiness: Part 2, Some Fun Stuff

"... positive psychology suggests we can ... actually re-wire our brains to be more optimistic... and we could make ourselves 10-15% happier." 

-- Mark Easton reporting for BBC Two's The Happiness Formula 

This is Part 2 in a series of three posts on The Science of Happiness. In Part 1, A Little Theory, I recommended some resources that provided a somewhat academic overview (including the origins) of the the Science of Happiness. In Part 3, Train Yourself to Be Happy, we'll get into specific steps you can take to train yourself to be happier. In this Part (Some Fun Stuff) we highlight some of the resources available from the website supporting the BBC Series, The Happiness Formula. To be fair, the resources recommended here aren't so much wild and crazy fun as they are entertaining and well-produced, in the typical BBC fashion.

The Happiness Formula, an online resource from BBC News, is an entertaining collection of articles and videos that you can ramble through and get a sense of some of the different dimensions of the new Science of Happiness. Here are some of the materials available:

Videos (May only be available for UK viewers?)
  • The recipe for happiness (8:07 min) 
  • What is happiness (2:26 min) 
  • The power of happiness (10:40 min) 
  • What really motivates us? (2:06 min) 
  • Bhutan’s happiness formula (8:39 mins) 
  • The politics of happiness (10:27 mins) 
  • Think yourself happy (3:13 mins)
Find Out MoreA reading list related to the Science of Happiness

This website provides lots of interesting content. And it’s presented in a light-hearted, though well-documented, journalistic format. If this stuff doesn’t spark your interest in the Science of Happiness, then you’re just not paying attention! URL — http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/happiness_formula/

[Thanks to Brian Johnson whose PhilosophersNotes on Martin Seligman’s books Authentic Happiness & Learned Optimism inspired my investigation of this topic.]