WORTH SHARING: Essays & Tools to Help Project Managers & Their Teams

In 2015 I pulled some of the best articles from my Inspired Project Teams website (among others) to include in my 300+ page book, Worth Sharing... If you're looking for topics to inspire you or your team, check out the book's Interactive Table of Contents below. The links will take you directly to each of the "read-it-online" chapters within the book. (Note: Chapters listed in BOLD are focused on issues related to inspiring yourself or your project team.) Enjoy!

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In summary: It's an eclectic compilation of practical PM tools, thought-provoking PM essays and suggestions for helping individual project managers and their teams stay sane while delivering good quality finished products. It consists of 54 Chapters and hundreds of live links to additional PM resources. Most of the chapters were originally published as blog posts through Greer's websites and have never before been released in book form. (See http://worth-sharing.net for info on Greer's websites, blog posts, videos, etc.) A few chapters include some important, classic excerpts from Greer's previous books.

Essays & Tools to Help Project Managers
& Their Teams

Interactive Table of Contents